Instructions for installing KnotPlot on Windows

Click on the InstallKnotPlot.exe file. This will download the installation file. You can either open it or save it to your hard drive. If the latter, find where you downloaded the file and double click on it. Opening the file will start up the KnotPlot Installation Wizard. Simply follow the instructions.

Note that by default, KnotPlot will save and load files into the folder where the application is installed. You may not want to do this. For example, you may want to have separate folders for different projects. The projects folder has instructions how you can make separate folders and get KnotPlot to save files to that folder. You do this by creating a shortcut to the KnotPlot executable, and edit the properties of the shortcut so that KnotPlot starts up in that folder.

Please let me know if these installation instructions don't work for you.

Rob Scharein
14 November 2011