knot warped along a moebius strip

How to create figures and illustrations for knot theory papers

knot warped along a moebius strip

Postby oarcher on Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:41 pm

In a first step, my goal is to draw a knot similar to the fisrt sown here: ... LEASED.pdf

i'm looking for closing a braid (aBa) along a moebius strip. The moebius strip must be visible, and reidmester move must not go outside it ( it would make the knot aBa^ trivial).

As it's closed by a garside braid, they are no difference beetween under and over. So if it would be great to have link crossing inside each other.

The second step, is to cable each link, and say for each crossing if is an under crossing, or a over crossing. there is 3 crossing and 2 type of crossing, so 2^3=8 possibilities. Only 2 cases should give a borromean knot after relaxation.

Can you help me?

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