creating part of a knot table

How to create figures and illustrations for knot theory papers

creating part of a knot table

Postby avphillips on Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:24 am

I'd like to know how to generate nice images of the first 50 or so knots
in the tables. Is there a way of going from the name (5_1, 5_2, 6_1, etc)
to a basic image I can manipulate?
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Re: creating part of a knot table

Postby rob on Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:54 am


what kind of image do you want? for a raster image, try something like the following:

Code: Select all
load 3.1
imgout tref

which will save a PPM image file tref.ppm, the filename can be anything you like, of course.

if you're printing, you might want a white background,
Code: Select all
background = white

if you want a vector graphics, use the psout command,
Code: Select all
load 6.3
psout 6_3

you can find many examples of the use of this command at the web page

if you want to generate a whole bunch of images, use the frame command:
Code: Select all
frame comm "knot num %d;fitto 10;psout %02d"
frame 1 to 36

the %d and %02d follow the formatting rules for the C-function printf()

more info on frame is at

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