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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:00 am
by user_knotplot
would it be possible to reply with the location where files save to when exported out as obj., etc.


PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:08 pm
by rob

On Windows computers, you can start KnotPlot either by double clicking on the application itself or on a shortcut. If you do either of these, files will tend to get saved into the KnotPlot installation folder. This is usually not desirable. I like to keep files for specific projects contained in their own folders. If you look in the projects folder included in the KnotPlot distribution, you will see a README file and several example projects. That README describes how to edit the properties of a shortcut so that KnotPlot will start in your project folder as opposed to the installation folder. On some machines you may also have to set the environment variable KNOTPLOT_HOME to point to the installation folder (this isn't the case on XP).

On a Mac, I recommend the following:
  • copy the KnotPlot application to a KnotPlot folder located in your /Applications folder
  • open the Terminal application and create a new directory (folder) that you will use for your project
  • inside that directory, create a new file called runkp (or whatever) and copy and paste the following code into that file:
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    # make sure all of the directories below are on one line
    foreach loc (/Applications/ /Applications/KnotPlot/ /Users/rob/Desktop/KnotPlot/
      if (-e $loc) then
        $loc -keepdir &

    echo KnotPlot not found in normal locations

  • make the runkp file executable
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    chmod +x runkp
  • start KnotPlot from the command line by running runkp
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  • KnotPlot will then save to and load from the directory you run runkp from