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Saving and Loading

Postby SouthBayCrew on Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:13 am

I'm new to KnotPlot and have some basic questions. I've been saving knot creations with the "save" command. These knots can be succesfully restored with the "load" command. The problem is that if I forget the name of a knot, I cannot figure out a way to recover it. Is there a way to list the names of the knots that have been saved in the past? Are files created when the "save" command is issued? i.e. Is there a set of files that can be backed up?
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Re: Saving and Loading

Postby rob on Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:22 pm

The saved knots should appear as files in whatever folder/directory was current when KnotPlot was started. Depending on what kind of computer you have, this location may vary.

On a Mac: it's best to put KnotPlot in it's own folder rather than in the /Applications folder. A better option is to put the KnotPlot application in a KnotPlot folder inside /Applications, or on your Desktop. There is a way to start KnotPlot from a command line in the Terminal in such a way that saved files go into whatever directory you started. I will post info on this to this thread later today.

On Windows: If you just started KnotPlot by double clicking on the Desktop icon, then the files will be saved in the folder specified by the "Start in:" field. To see that, right click on the KnotPlot icon (the shortcut on your Desktop) and select "Properties". Select the "Shortcut" tab and you'll see the location of the "Start in:" folder. These instructions are for Windows XP, something similar exists in Vista. Usually on Windows, if you had Administrator privileges when you installed it, this location will be
C:\Program Files\KnotPlot
If you look in that folder, you should see a "projects" folder. Go into that folder and check out the README file. It has some instructions on how to create working spaces for different projects.

On Linux/IRIX: Generally KnotPlot is started from the command line. In this case saved files will go into the directory where KnotPlot was started.

To answer your other question, yes the files are created when the save command is issued.

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